Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Build A Customer Base

It can be incredibly difficult to make it as an online retailer these days, especially since there are well over 90,000 other competitive retailers who make the bulk of their money through online sales. To boost your customer base, it is imperative that you invest in digital marketing strategies. While a good strategy can increase traffic to your site and boost sales, a bad one can have the opposite effect by repelling customers. To help build your customer base instead of losing it, keep reading to find out about some digital marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Adding Pop-ups

One of the best ways to draw traffic to your online retail store is to start a blog on the website. Original, useful, and interesting blog content can increase the internet ranking of your site in an organic way. In other words, if you place some interesting blogs on your website, business interest and traffic will increase. You are likely to see your Google rank increase when this happens too. While a blog can bring people to your site, you want to retain potential customers so that increased traffic also turns into increased sales. An email marketing campaign can help you reach out to potential customers. To gather emails, you may place a pop-up on your site that prompts visitors to enter their email addresses.

However, most internet users see pop-ups as annoying, and they are rarely effective. In fact, around 198 million people around the world use ad-blocking software to stop pop-ups from appearing altogether. Around 45 million of these pop-up blocking individuals live in the United States. Countless other people simply close the window without looking at it. This means that pop-ups are simply a bad way to gather email addresses.

If you want to expand your email marketing, then prompt users to add emails to your email list at the top of your website or at the end of each blog. This way, potential customers will be able to see the prompt easily without feeling like it is intrusive.

Also, make sure to avoid using pop-ups that announce sales, discount codes, or new merchandise. Place banners at the top of your website instead and use bright colors to draw attention to the announcements.

Continuously Emailing Potential Customers

When you do start to grow your email list and begin to work on email marketing techniques, you may be tempted to send an email daily. After all, email marketing has many benefits. An email does not cost you anything and it allows you to inform customers and to drive them to your store with coupons and discounts. However, surveys indicate that 53% of people feel that retailers send too many emails. Emailing someone too often is one of the main reasons why someone will opt to unsubscribe from a business mailing list. This means you are more likely to lose customers than gain them if you inundate them with emails. A single email every two weeks is best to keep people on your mailing list. 

When you do email potential customers, you will need to make sure your emails are as effective as possible. Make sure to keep emails as short and to the point as possible so you can retain interest and attention. Inform readers of new items and sales and of any other news you want to communicate about your retail store. Make sure that grammar and punctuation are correct so your email appears professional. Also, provide a link to your retail store so that customers can easily visit your website without having to search for it. 

Additionally, if you do have a fairly long message to share with customers, then think about embedding a video into the email for customers to watch. This is better than including a wall of text that individuals are unlikely to read. 

Contact a digital marketing services company for more ideas on how to grow your customer base.

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