Tips for Ensuring Your Doctor Office Website Is Senior-Friendly

About 13% of individuals do not use the internet and about one-third of these non-users say that the internet is simply too difficult for them to navigate. The people who feel this way are typically senior citizens who have not been exposed to the internet and how it can be beneficial. However, the number of non-users does go down every year.

If you run a doctor's office and cater to an aging population, then this may mean that seniors are starting to find you through your webpage. However, if your webpage is too difficult for seniors to navigate, then they may quickly click off your website. You should in website design that is pleasant for seniors. 

Use Appropriate Fonts

If you are designing a webpage that is meant for seniors, then you should choose a font that is easy to read. While fonts can really add a unique touch to your site, some can be distracting and difficult to read. Choose a sans serif font in a type that has ample space between letters. Specifically, you want more kerning and tracking. Tracking is the space between a group of letters, and kerning is the space between each letter. 

You also want to pick bolder fonts with thicker letters. For example, Arial and Helvetica fonts have naturally thicker letters than a font like Universe or News Gothic. The lettering should be in larger fonts like 14 or 15 point instead of 12 or 13 point. Also, text should be black against a relatively light background. While the background should be light colored, you should avoid yellow tones. Yellow is distracting and it can hurt the eyes. 

Add Instructions

It is extremely important to add specific instructions when it comes to educating seniors. Most internet users will use their instincts when it comes to navigation. A younger person may look for a "contact us" or "make and appointment" button so they can contact your office. However, a senior may not be familiar with menus and buttons. You should instead add instructions to make navigation easy. For example, buttons should be added that say things like "click here to make an appointment" or "click here for our phone number"

Make sure that these buttons as well as others are featured on the main page of your site. The middle or top of the first page should have these simple buttons so that seniors do not need to scroll down to find what they are looking for. Also, place basic information like your office phone number and address right on the main page. This way phone calls can be made if there are any questions.

In addition to adding basic information, make sure that ideas and information are clearly expressed in text format. Videos can be helpful to some people, but they may not load properly for some people. Seniors are much more like to have broadband services that are slower than DSL, cable, and satellite internet services. This means that it can be frustrating to wait for a data-heavy video to load. 

To learn more about how to cater your website for your target audience, contact companies that provide web design for doctors. 

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