What Are The Various Types Of Mobile Advertising Networks To Choose From?

You may have developed an app that could prove popular with users and receive plenty of downloads or your business is booming and you want to find a new way to advertise your services. Mobile network advertising has become big business in recent years and there are plenty of reasons you should look into it. What are the various types of mobile advertising networks you can choose from?

Types of Ad Campaigns

When you choose to go with mobile advertising with any network you will have a range of ad campaigns you can go with. For example, you could opt for a static or multi-panel banner. These mobile banner ads are the most traditional form of digital advertising in which a banner ad is placed anywhere on the app or mobile site. It is geared to fit the screen size of a mobile device. They can be animated in some circumstances as well.

You also have the choice of interactive video ads. These are videos that interact with the user within the ad itself. It could launch an application, have a call-to-action or even present a survey or questionnaire for users to complete to better serve their needs. You can also have ads that pop-up like commercials during breaks in gameplay or videos.

Network Types

You will have the choice of network types too for your ad campaigns. For example, you could choose to go with a blind network. Here you will find a large database of small to medium-sized publishers that encompass many users and apps that your ad can be placed on. You may not get as much analytics from blind networks or get a lot of information about where your ads will be placed but it will open up a wider net for potential customers to find you.

Premium blind networks offer a larger range of publishers and a bit more analytic information that you will find helpful. For an example of what is offered, you could get options for Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Install for your ad or app and many of the publishers will give your ads access to well-trafficked applications which should increase the odds of potential customers finding you.

When you have a larger budget and really want your ads to reach a wider market, you can opt for Premium networks. These give you access to a select amount of premium apps that are immensely popular and well-known. Advertisers pay a premium amount to have prime ad space and will get customer support from the publishers.  

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