3 Content-Related Reasons You Have A High Bounce Rate On Web Pages

Building a website is a complex process, but it is ever important to your digital marketing strategy. If you are seeing a high bounce rate, or a lot of visitors that stop in and quickly leave, it is likely that there are problems with the pages that are behind it. Take a look at some of the issues that can cause a high bounce rate and then work with a digital marketing agency to help you make corrections. 

Your graphics require a specific program to run. 

If you have certain graphics on the web page that move or shift colors, make sure the programs used to make those graphics work are a common thing. If someone gets to a web page and they get a warning from their device that they need to download a certain program to make the graphic work, they can quickly develop a fear that the site itself is untrustworthy. 

You have less-than-professional imagery on the page. 

Picking images for your website is a process that should be taken seriously. Professional images with clear subjects relative to the page and its intended purpose are best. If the included images look like snapshots taken with a low-quality camera on a phone, it can send the wrong impression to a visitor. Likewise, if the images do not make any sense, they can be off-putting enough that it generates distrust from a visitor. 

Your written content is lumped together in one big block. 

If you have a big long write-up about what your company has to offer on a landing page, it is imperative that you have it written out well and properly divided out. Big and long blocks of text rarely get read; it is far better to have content that is broken up with subheads, bullet points, and short paragraphs. Visitors tend to scan written content, so the more scannable it is, the more information will actually be read. 

Your website layout is out of whack. 

If a visitor lands on your webpage and the layout is all wonky and out of place, they will quickly navigate away from the page. Users oftentimes associate these things with a website that is not trustworthy, which is definitely not what you want if you are using the site for business purposes. Everything should be laid out in a logical manner, including graphics, images, image reels, written text, and functional buttons. 

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