Why You Need Storybrand SEO Services

StoryBrand is a marketing strategy that involves taking potential customers on a seven-step story-like journey where the customer is the story's main character. In the story, the main character (customer) usually has a problem they need to solve (their needs). The main character meets a guide (your business) who provides them with a plan (your services/products) to solve their problem. The guide (you) then encourages them to take the necessary action required (buy your services or products) to solve the problem and succeed in their journey.

The strategy aims at creating marketing content that potential customers can interact with and relate to their needs. Additionally, it seeks to switch the perception of the business from a hero complex that the customer needs to that of a guide who assists them.

However, there has been a lot of confusion as businesses try to adopt this strategy on their websites without sacrificing their search engine rankings. Thus, the need for Storybrand SEO services. Here are the two main reasons you should consider this marketing strategy. 

1. Assess Which Pages Need StoryBrand

When revising your website, not all the pages require reformatting to utilize the StoryBrand framework. If you have pages that generate good organic traffic and quality sales leads, you don't have to rewrite them to include the StoryBrand strategy. However, the pages that do not have good traffic because they do not inspire potential clients to interact with your website should get restructured using the StoryBrand framework.

A StoryBrand SEO services company will assess your website and determine which pages will provide the most leads if they have a StoryBrand framework. Thus, StoryBrand services can provide you with a strategic restructuring of your website to generate more leads.

2. Balancing Storytelling and SEO

StoryBrand aims to make your content clear, simple, exciting, and interactive as possible to your potential customers. Nonetheless, your content still needs to meet the search engines' algorithmic criteria for ranking. Irrespective of how creative your StoryBrand approach is, you still need to rank high in search engine searches so that potential customers get to see your website.

Many businesses adopting the StoryBrand framework in their websites have made the mistake of neglecting their search engine optimization. And thus, their StoryBrand is not providing optimum results. For such businesses, it is advisable to get in touch with a StoryBrand SEO service provider who can effectively combine both marketing strategies. Thus your website will get to rank higher in search engines because of SEO, and your StoryBrand will get reel in more leads.

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