How To Build A Digital B2B Marketing Strategy

Digital B2B marketing can help a company connect with a wide range of customers. However, you should approach the task with a strategy in mind. A digital B2B marketing firm typically helps a client by pursuing these four goals.

Brand Position

The first question any digital B2B marketing company will have for a client is about brand position. Bear in mind that this isn't where you wish your brand to be. Instead, it is a question of how your customers presently see your brand. Does it fit as a high-end brand or something more middle-tier, for example? Do people see it as established and reliable or new and fresh?

If you don't currently have brand research, start conducting it now. You will have a much easier time doing B2B marketing once you know what the current brand perceptions are.


You should also have a good idea of who your target audience members will be. Fortunately, most B2B operations don't have to break their targets into many demographics. However, you may still find the businesses that work with yours fall into a handful of profiles.

Each marketing campaign should fit a persona appropriate for the target audience. One set of businesses might be youthful startups, while another could be companies that have been around for 50 or more years, for example. Each marketing appeal should fit the needs and aspirations of the specific target profile.

Marketing Channels

You will want to identify the digital marketing channels where you expect your target audience members to be. A firm that provides help with accounting software, for example, might target financial videos on YouTube. Conversely, a law practice that helps startups incorporate might focus on internet forums where entrepreneurs talk. A company that provides parts to trucking fleets may find its target audience discussing industry trends on Twitter.

Try to identify the channels that match your audience profiles. Create marketing messages that fit well on those channels so you can maximize continuity.

Develop Analytics

Ultimately, you'll need to develop some credible basis for evaluating and refining your marketing strategies. A digital B2B marketing firm will want to see analytics data from your social feeds, website, and email list to determine which messages draw attention. More importantly, they'll want to see what converts.

Understand that the process should lead to constant improvement and adjustment. You may find over time that certain messages cease to be effective due to repetition or cultural shifts, for example. The analytics will help you spot these trends so you can adjust quickly.

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