5 Tips For Effective Graphic Design For Small Businesses

When you advertise your small business, an effective design can make the difference between an effective campaign and an unsuccessful campaign. However, how do you know what makes a good graphic design product? Consider these 5 tips for effective graphic design for small businesses.  

1. Incorporate Your Business Name/Logo

When potential customers see your ad, you need them to know who you are. Therefore, you should make a point to prominently display your business name and logo in the design. Don't forget to make your business name easy to read. 

2. Remain Consistent 

Most customers don't automatically remember a company after encountering an ad in print or online. You should make your designs consistent in to make it easier for customers to associate each design with your company. Customers will eventually recognize your ads without the name and logo in them. You can keep your designs consistent by using the same color palette in each ad. Your designs should also embody the same personality, which can be conveyed using colors, fonts, and similar graphics. 

3. Appeal to Your Target Demographic 

Your designs should appeal to your customer. Products aimed at young adults may use different imagery and tone than products aimed at seniors. For example, seniors will like designs that are easy to read and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Young adults will prefer sophisticated and fun designs that connect with their generation. You can learn who your target demographic is by analyzing the people who buy from you. For children's toys and jewelry, pay attention to the person who buys the product as opposed to who is using the product. 

4. Follow the Basic Principles of Design 

There are some basic principles of design that every design has in it:

  • Visual hierarchy 
  • Balance
  • Repetition
  • Color
  • Variety 

Your design should use these wisely to capture the attention of your desired audience and appeal to them. Most importantly, you want to guide the viewer to the most important elements of the design and ensure a certain symmetry throughout the design.

5. Be Creative 

It can seem like everything has been done already, but you have to do your best to get creative and make yourself stand out from the crowd with your design. Most potential customers will walk past a design that's similar to everything else. You want to create a design that makes someone stop to look at it. That's where your graphic designer comes into play.

Contact a local designer to learn more about small business graphic design packages.

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